I was having another ho-hum moment on the MRT this morning when a pleasant voice shocked me with, “We are now at GMA-Kamuning Station. You may exit on the right door. Maaaring lumabas sa kanang pinto. Next station, Cubao.” (Or something like that)

I’m so used to the haphazard announcement by the MRT driver (when he remembers), his voice bursting into the tinny mic and making the speakers cackle. He also adds personal commentary, such as “Huwag po tayo magtulakan” or “Huwag po natin pigilan ang pagsara ng pintuan” or, when he’s getting really annoyed, he’ll add something like, “Lahat tayo mape-perwisyo pag nasira ang tren kaya pwede ba ‘wag niyo pigilan ang pagsara ng pinto.” All of which, really, do nothing to dissuade people to clutch the MRT doors in a last-ditch effort to get in. But that’s another story. Today, I just wanted to report the first day of the very pleasant, professional voice that will accompany you in the morning on your way to work.