The plethora of reality TV shows has more or less ensured that we’re peeking into the “real” lives of “real” people every day of the week. So I have my own list of favorites these days:

Project Runway. They recently concluded a season, with the 21-year-old Christian running away with the big prize. Lots of frills and feathers, but Posh Spice liked it. He’s good! But I liked Rami more. I guess Jillian didn’t really stand a chance; she’s okay but just okay.

America’s Next Top Model. Oh, I hate these skinny models, but I hate them so much I love them! And here’s a show that lets us look at their lives under a microscope, where they squirm and writhe under the surreal circumstances and hyped up situations of “model life.” And Tyra with her many hair-dos and body sizes, she’s beautiful and will never be the next Oprah, but that won’t stop her from trying. She should get some pets to cry over.

I also like the season of Amazing Race Asia which had Rovilson and Marc, but of course the Asian version is much more blah than the US one, probably because Asians don’t really bicker and scheme as much (we’re too polite). Well, I guess that’s not counting the Filipina contestant who made her American husband cry on international television.

And this isn’t reality TV anymore, but I still love it: House. Don’t you just love Dr. Greg House? Who lives in  apartment number 221B, just like my hero Sherlock Holmes. And who diagnoses his cases much like Sherlock Holmes did, and who is just addicted to something bordering on illegal. They also have the same impatience with nitwits, which is fun to watch. And if Sherlock had Watson, House has Wilson. Great cases, too! Very interesting. After episode, I feel like a doctor already.