One of the sweetest antidotes to a hot summer afternoon is chilled buko juice. I like buying mine from the Manong Buko who ambles along the street with his cart of coconuts. P16 gets me a buko of my choice (pwedeng makunat, malambot, o mala-uhog); more than a regular serving’s worth of juice and meat in a plastic bag.

It’s refreshing! Not just because I stick it in the chiller before I drink it. I mean, I drink cold water and it doesn’t make me feel as cool inside out as buko juice does. There must be something else.

I tried to search Wikipedia but it didn’t say anything about the magical properties of buko. Just that it is low in sugar, high in protein, has a good amount of fiber, and, well, a notably high amount of saturated fat (tsk, tsk). Nothing mystical, I’m afraid.

They really should include more interesting stuff in the Nutritional Information label.

If I had my way, I’d add things like, Possible Addiction Content, or Too Healthy To Taste Good Factor, or Sweet Tooth Level, or Comfort Food Counter.