I like tea. Not as much as I like coffee, but I do. I like all sorts of tea, depending on the type of mood I’m in. When I need an after-lunch perk, I’ll go for an Earl Grey or English Breakfast. If I feel too full and just need to settle my stomach, I’ll want something caffeine free and herbal, like the Ampalaya or Banaba tea I have in stock these days. Or the Green Tea I never run out of, or an herbal Twinings concoction, or maybe Moroccan Mint from my favorite brand, Dilmah.

If I had to pick one from a swanky coffee shop with overpriced beverages, I’ll probably prefer Peppermint, but never Chamomile.

There are some teas I find interesting from other countries, which I like to take home not for myself but for others to taste. For example, I like the idea of Milk Tea, but I don’t like it for myself. I like those little rose buds they have in Vietnam, but I’m not particularly fond of the taste.

If I could, I would always have loose leaf tea. The heady Oolong, or the red and caramelly Rooibos from South Africa.