I’m not very comfortable traveling by water. The sea scares me. And now what happened to Sulpicio’s MV Princess of the Stars has got me even more apprehensive of ships.

I feel terrible for the relatives of those who were on that ship. To add to their grief, they don’t know who to hold accountable for it. Certainly not Typhoon Frank, and it seems Sulpicio will get away scott free (as they have before), and who can successfully point a finger at the Coast Guard or the Government, anyway?

I’ve been blogging about current events these past few posts. I should write about something else, but it just seems like so many other things are more important. I miss writing about my MRT moments though (I’ve stored several), and I should talk about the bus rides I’ve tried taking, too. And speaking of new–or revisited–experiences: last week I used the typewriter for the first time since, oh I don’t know, high school?! Very nostalgic.