arugulaI love vegetable salads. I love greens the most (particularly Romaine lettuce). I usually go for Caesar salads, or something with a vinaigrette. (But I also find it hard to resist a good potato or Waldorf salad–tossing a bunch of greens together is easier though, and pretty much the only salad I know how to make).

Back to greens: I think it was at Cafe Breton that I first tasted salad with arugula leaves. Tasted great! I’ve been trying to find some in the grocery since then, but haven’t been successful. So if you know where I can get a stash to satisfy my arugula-love, I’d appreciate a heads up.

Arugula, according to a random website dug up by Google, is “a spicy little leaf, which some describe as bitter and others characterize as having a ‘peppery-mustardy’ flavor. Because it is so potent on its own, it is often mixed with milder greens to produce a nice balanced salad.”