We have new friends at the office: three carp-shaped goldfish in a bowl. We take turns fussing over them like newbie parents over triplets.


Since they arrived last week, they’ve cheered up the room and, if I’m not mistaken, brought more folks in here. Everyone just seems to peer into the bowl and say things to them. Their first question most of the time is, “Buhay pa ba sila?”

They’re not only alive, but finning around quite happily. I think they’ve made the bowl their home now. Last week, they were petrified and huddled, and they seemed to jump every time anybody came close, like we were sharks looking for a snack.

I wonder if God looks at us like fish in a fishbowl, too. If we are, I’d like to be a guppy. They have nice, swishy tails.