Sandosenang Sapatos

Sandosenang Sapatos

One of my favorite children’s books Sandosenang Sapatos is now a musical! And I’m very proud to say the theater group that adapted it is the Valenzuela City Center for Performing Arts (I didn’t even know they existed). Apparently, there is a new auditorium for stage plays and the like at the Valenzuela City Hall, and the VCCPA is now on its third season–bravo, Mayor Win!

I watched the opening show and was duly impressed despite the technical difficulties that usually come with first nights. Kuya Bodjie (yes, the very same one of Batibot fame) played the part of the father/shoemaker. He’s truly gifted! Wow! (It’s not just his acting and singing that blew me away; it was the fact that I met one of the icons of my childhood! Next up, New Kids on the Block!)

And honestly, the music is good, although the vocal arrangement is too low to be sung audibly in some portions. Other than that, the hooks of the choruses are memorable and singable.

The lyrics are especially noteworthy. I was happily proven wrong–I didn’t hear trite phrases tucked away within the stanzas.

Catch it on July 24 at the CCP Huseng Batute Hall, 6pm. Best part is, it’s free! 🙂