Why can’t KC Concepcion seem to get a foothold in the consciousness of the Pinoy masses? It’s not because she isn’t trying. She’s acted in high-rating dramas like Maalaala Mo Kaya. She even recorded a song in Filipino entitled “Imposible” (very Kitchie, if I may say so, but with much less spunk and punch). Now she’s paired up with Richard Gutierrez, who has to practically grope her in a press con just to make it seem as though sparks were flying.

There’s something that’s just not right about KC. She’s pretty, she’s smart, she’s got all the connections. But nobody seems to like her. Nobody can identify with her. Even if she acted out the most down-to-earth character on screen, who would believe her? She can’t suspend our disbelief for even a moment. Nobody will be able to forget she’s daughter to a Megastar and a hotshot politician. Besides, she doesn’t act well for the screen–for the theater, maybe, given that they need exaggerated facial expressions and gestures with every line.

KC never had to work for anything in this life. Perhaps getting a fans’ club established in her honor will be the first tall order she will have to deal with.

I had these thoughts while watching Marian Rivera thank a number of people on her birthday special at a Sunday lunchtime variety show. She was so bakya that even I loved it. It made me smile to see someone with such an elegant gown, her hair swooped up so beautifully in a bun with a million braids and tiny escaping wisps, say things like “Thank you to my sponsors, so and so, and Juhg jeans (meaning, Jag).” It was endearing. And I guess that’s what makes people wave banners at you and lose themselves in your world–whether you’re a human fish, a Filipina version of an oppressed Latina who triumphs in the end, or simply yourself.