I had breakfast at McDonald’s (Gateway, Araneta-Cubao area) yesterday and was won over by the soft lighting, smooth jazz, and ultra-cheery folks. By the time I reached the counter, I knew I was going to take my breakfast at my leisure, scribble some copy.

So I needed a bigger cup of coffee (I have some mystic belief that caffeine is the provenance of creativity). Fifteen pesos to upsize my regular-sized coffee, the girl at the counter said. I paused for fifteen seconds. Fifteen pesos: two jeepney ride fares, or a one-way MRT ride, or six qwek-qweks at the palengke near our house. Well, for all the writing I’d get done, it will be worth it; a small coffee would not have hit the spot.

Tray in hand, I settled into a table and congratulated myself over a good decision–such genius!–and then I saw a lady come out with a pot of coffee, offering refills.