I’m currently reading Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. I’ve had it for the longest time, but only now realized I haven’t read it. I remember when I had to read the early feminists’ works for an english elective. Audre Lord, Maxine Hong Kingston, Adrienne Rich. (The ones I most remember are Rich’s Diving into the Wreck and Plath’s Lady Lazarus.) These women’s works are sharp and undaunted, even irreverent. I felt it must be an exciting time, they must have felt so alive, so reborn, so unshackled. They were women of such talent.

I wonder what they would say about Elisabeth Elliot? Equally talented, equally all-woman, equally strong-willed, and I believe equally feminist. They would have clashed, I suppose.

I read Elliot’s idea of being a woman in Let Me Be a Woman. I think she’s the one who hits the spot. If you ask me, she’s a truer feminist than the Simone de Beauvoirs of the literary world.