It’s tea time. Which reminds me of my mug.

This morning I washed my white mug, which has brown stains at the pit and a brown bottom-lip mark thanks to a year’s worth of coffee and tea. These stains have been there forever, and I figured it was just how mugs get old and the reason why people keep giving me mugs as Christmas gifts–you know, like the natural order of things.

So I washed my mug as nonchalantly as if it were just any other day, and ho-hum, ended up trying something absolutely revolutionary. I used the rough part of the sponge to scrub my mug. After a couple of swipes I rinsed it, and the brown stains were gone!

Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about the rough part of the sponge? I felt like someone, somewhere, withheld some really mind-blowing, life-altering news. And now that I know, how can I withhold it from you? You might be suffering from a stained mug, too, so I’m sharing the good news–two, actually–that will set you utterly free, as it did me.

First, the rough part of the sponge is extremely useful for removing stains. Second, Christ removes stains.