I can’t imagine a worse couple of weeks for me. It seems every morning my rhinitis is attacking with otherworldly vigor. I sniffle and sneeze all the way through my commute to work, and hack away some more during the morning, with that unshakeable haze of stuffiness in my head. Must be the shifting seasons. Or, I should say, the confused shifting seasons. Nobody seems to know what season it is–rainy, sunny, or ber season (yes, according to me, those are our three official seasons).

I haven’t taken antihistimine for a while. I haven’t needed it in a long time. But now, I find myself scrounging for my chlorphenamine maleates and loratidines. The other day I popped one and it worked like a charm–but I ended up unable to work. My whole world cleared just like that, but I had to take a nap and shake the sleepiness off. It seems I now succumb to the side effects of antihistimine (which is: it knocks you out).

So this morning I have a choice: stay sniffly or risk being sleepy? I have a lot to write, so I think I have to stay awake. But staying awake with rhinitis is really only being half awake. Maybe I should stir an antihistimine into my cup of coffee.