I shouldn’t care because it doesn’t affect me (that’s what I like to think), but I do have an opinion about the US elections. I like Obama. There’s this charisma he exudes when he speaks. Like change is just round the corner, like hope is floating all around him, and if you come close enough you’ll catch some of it. It makes you feel, I  don’t want to miss it when it happens. Whatever it is.

So anyway, I like Obama. I think it will do the US some good to be on its toes for a while, not knowing quite what to expect. That’s what change does, doesn’t it?

Not to say I don’t like McCain. I think he’s handsome. Showing the world those clips from his POW cell in Vietnam some eons ago was pure TV magic. It was like watching a movie star with that old-time glamour. And he is definitely a gentleman. When he conceded, his speech(writer) was wonderful, gracious.

I don’t like Palin, and I don’t know Biden. I like Tina Fey though 🙂

Cheers for change!