Around the World in 80 Dates

Around the World in 80 Dates

I enjoy reading fiction. I only read non-fiction when I absolutely have to. But with fiction, I feel at home.

Right now I’m reading Around the World in 80 Dates by Christa Ann Banister. Nothing spectacular in the first chapter, but it reads easily enough. It’s about the “confesions of a Christian serial dater.” Haven’t heard of this concept; perhaps chick lit for Christians?

I’m not such a big fan of chick lit. To me it seems like women’s thoughts displayed without censor, and I wouldn’t want to read pages and pages of that. It just has a tendency to be the same whiny, shrilly run-on sentence every other paragraph or so. It’s so new that it’s old. i mean, it’s trying so hard to veer away from the usual storytelling narrative voice and be something else, something fresh, something now, but ends up feeling tired.

At any rate, this one isn’t chick lit, at least not yet. I’ll suspend judgment until I’m well underway. For now, I just want something entertaining and brainless (but no mile-a-minute thought bursts) after a long day. And this seems to fit the bill.

Prove me wrong: What’s the last good chick lit you read?