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When I Get Married by Jerusha Clark

When I Get Married by Jerusha Clark

When I get married…
I’ll be happy.
I’ll be content.
I’ll be complete.
I’ll be ________.

Fill in your idea of what marriage will be like.

If you ask me, it’s like a huge puffy cloud of bliss where I get to go home to my best friend and lover every day. He’ll make me coffee in the morning, he’ll listen to all my stories, he’ll never get tired of doing manly chores for me, he’ll always be handsome. And that’s just to start.

I’m sure every single man or woman has their own expectations of what married life will be like. I’m not sure where mine came from, but they sound right to me.

Jerusha Clark made me take a closer look at my perspective not just of marriage but of myself, my relationship with God, my ideas about important issues that aren’t so popular, such as dealing with loneliness, how I measure my worth, love as sacrifice.

I’m still just on the third chapter of When I Get Married, but I’ve loved it since the Introduction. Jerusha writes well: her chapters are well-crafted, her ideas flowing, her language natural, her insights fresh. It’s been a long time since I read a book that doesn’t feel like the pages are preaching at me. Instead I’m drawn into an engaging conversation where thoughts and questions are exchanged. And for once, non-fiction with truly thoughtful, reflective ideas!

So that’s proof you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Fill in the blank: When I get married,  ___________.