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Blessed are the Meddlers by Christa Ann Banister

This is chicklit fiction about romance, matchmaking, and God’s will. It’s light and easy reading, but I have to admit I just skipped to the end. It wasn’t interesting storywise and the characters didn’t engage me.

Maybe the premise is all wrong? The main character, Sydney Alexander, is already married, so that doused the romantic thrill from the start. Either way, I don’t think Sydney is the type of heroine that readers can relate to from book to book in a series. She lacks a sort of quirky quality, a lovable uniqueness that usually marks chicklit main characters.

I also felt that it was preachy, with plot twists set up so as to prove a point. That makes the story feel a little stilted and manipulated, and interrupts a good story’s natural flow. By the last chapter, you already know the “big lesson” the main character will learn, and you can almost spot the big turning point in her life up ahead.

But what’s good about the book, I think, is the nicely done cover. Tasteful and attractive layout, just right for the genre but not as predictable as the usual. It got me interested enough to pick up the book and browse the first chapter.

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Blessed are the Meddlers: Confessions of a Serial Matchmaker is written by Christa Ann Banister, published by NavPress. More about the book, downloadable sample chapter, over here.

This is the second book in the series; the first one was a bit better (at least I can say I actually read through it). Here’s my review.