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Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Title: Mere Christianity
Author: C.S. Lewis

I hesitate to write about this classic because what else can I add to the praises that have been given it? Except maybe to say that all the high regard for it is well deserved, and you should believe everyone else’s five-star ratings and put it on your must-read-yesterday list.

If you don’t read theology and apologetics, like me, start with this one. It’s easier to read because it’s a collection of essays that are transcriptions of C.S. Lewis’ radio talks. Reading it, I could swear Anthony Hopkins was speaking the words out loud!

Finely written, evocative. Most of the ideas awakened a response in me. With Mere Christianity, I wasn’t reading C.S. Lewis’ book. I was conversing with him over a cup of coffee. By the end of the book, I wanted to buy him another cup.