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Stitch reads Fight Club

Stitch reads Fight Club

Title: Fight Club
Author (Novel): Chuck Palahniuk
Director (Film): David Fincher

I was a fan of this movie for its treatment and storytelling. I read the book for a paper in college, not really expecting too much. But reading the book actually got me more impressed–the movie adaptation wasn’t a mere transliteration from one medium to another.

The director had the good sense to take the book’s message, the feel, the punch, and made a film achieved the same point, created the same atmosphere. It didn’t matter that some scenes were changed–even changing the ending didn’t feel like a sacrilege. That’s a successful adaptation, if you ask me.

Chuck Palaniuk’s novel is satirical, poking fun at middle class America. The humor is irreverent, the plot twists inventive. The characters are interesting. Narrative is fast-paced and punchy, which translates well in the film’s action-packed scenes.

But, really, what I enjoyed about Fight Club is the thick cream of sarcasm from an American about America’s daily grind. Ordinarily, I’m bored with bland white writing, but here I was amused.

Sadly, Chuck’s other books (at least the one I’ve read other than Fight Club and the others I’ve browsed) are more of the typical lackluster kind.