Molly's English Muffins

Molly's English Muffins

A weekend, for me, begins particularly well when breakfast is shared by the family, served in our cheery sun-streaked dining room (with place mats!), warm and fresh, with strong drink-your-heart-out-Starbucks Barako brew.

This weekend is undeniably one of those.

We had English muffins (Village Gourmet brand, just off the shelves at SM Hypermart–no doubt the French Baker variety is better, if you chance upon it) with poached egg, Dutch Babybel cheese, ripe tomatoes, and basil leaves.

Grilled on our pan-griller for a few minutes to give the muffins that sumptuous char stripe and crispy warm oven-fresh feel, and to melt the cheese and egg together, and semi-cook the tomatoes; added the basil leaves just after the stove has been turned off, to make them droop a tad.

Good breakfast! Even better family time.