Oat bran pancakes with strawberries and mango

Oat bran pancakes with strawberries and mango

I love breakfasts, especially on weekends. I get to make whatever I want, with no hurry. Today it’s oat bran pancakes, with strawberries and mangoes mashed in, and honey for syrup. Great start to my Saturday!

Got the oat bran pancake mix from Healthy Options at Trinoma for P250, a bit pricey but it makes a lot of batches. I now realize the wisdom of it: by the nth batch you kind of get the hang of it!

For this batch, I used strawberry flavored soy milk (I’ve been using skim or low-fat milk or water in previous mixes). The best, so far! (at least when they aren’t burned) The flavor is subtle and doesn’t get in the way, and the pancakes are fluffier. Next inspiration: chocolate flavored soy milk with white and dark chocolate bits (leftover from some pasalubong big bars).

Shared the pancakes with my mom and ate N, who comes in on weekends to help keep us sane around the house. My dad and sister will have to taste the reprise tomorrow; they were out too early today. Thank God for wonderful weekends and equally wonderful families 🙂