It seems every Saturday morning, I go on a mission to stuff our household tummy. Today it’s eggs in a basket, basically the recipe from the Yummy magazine website.

I’m such a fan of French toast! So glad to discover this variation. I drizzled some cinnamon and honey on it for extra yummyness.

Note to self: use 1-inch thick slices of loaf bread next time. For this one, I used French’s Baker’s dark multigrain bread; it might have been a tad too soft for French toast purposes. I think their thick, crusty loaves might work better. Let’s see next week!

For lunch: bulanglang with mixed vegetables, lentils, and Japanese silken tofu!

For dinner: wheat tortilla with grilled zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, cheese, basil, and (cross-fingers experimental) homemade hummus.

But for now: I’d better post some book reviews before this site turns into a food blog.