From the Condura Run 2009

Running has given me much more than I expected.

I started running in September/October 2009 to lose weight. I didn’t realize that I’d not only lose weight, but find a sport I love, a stress release tool, and a me-time activity.

Lose weight. You definitely lose weight with running–but you have to do it regularly, and pair it with health-conscious eating. Losing weight is just a product of loving the sport. And eating healthy starts to make sense when you look at it as fuelling your body efficiently for a better run.

Love the sport. I love running because it’s cheap, anyone can do it, and it triggers my endorphins. And I love being part of a community. Running with a horde at UP, ULTRA, The Fort, etc. And blogging with bloggers like The Bull Runner,, etc. Great motivation!

Stress release. Best feeling: the wind in my face after a whole day cooped up in the office. I love looking into the horizon after staring endlessly at a computer screen, sweating out all the sedimentation of the day.

More quality me-time. Running is the most ‘me’ you can get. Even when you’re with a group of people, you’re literally alone when you run. It’s just you, your mind, your will, and your body. You hear your body groan and strain, you hear your brain calculating what’s logical and what’s not, you hear your heart pushing you beyond what your mind and body say is reasonable. I’ve never felt more one with my body than when I run.

Best of all, when I conquer a challenge, I find myself bursting into praise. I can’t help it! I can’t help saying out loud, “Hallelujah!” or “Glory to God!” (which makes other runners within hearing distance smile and look at me a bit oddly).

I can’t help clenching my fist with a big grin and a big “Yeah!” and praising the God who crafted such a harmonious creation: the human body. I feel like I just test-drove a priceless Ferrari to its limits. What awesomeness! It’s just mind-blowing!

So I’m absolutely stoked (part-excitement, part-nervous breakdown) for tomorrow’s Condura run. It’s my first race! I’m running the 5k. Who else is going? All week I’ve been behaving like it’s the first day of school, rattling everyone in the house about it day and night! Can’t believe it’s finally just less than 24 hours away!