Century run

Starting line of the Century Superbods run this morning. It’s my second race so I was more relaxed. So many people! And so many boo-boos, too. I didn’t notice anything except it took me forever to get my loot bag and freebies. Can’t complain though, had so much by the end of the morning!

Had breakfast at Bo’s Coffee, Bonifacio High Street after the race. Now that was a major waste of time and money.

They had a breakfast menu, more than half of which was unavailable, and the promo it advertised discontinued. Plus terrible nauna-pa-silang-lahat-kesa-sa-min, 30-minutes-for-pancake-eggs-coffee service. And all that for pancakes that tasted like day-old bread from the corner bakery? Take out bag didn’t even have syrup and butter. Never returning, and neither should you.