Note: Should've been posted February 8, sorry.

Oh yeah, my first official 5km run! I joined 8500 others at the Condura run yesterday, clocking in at 29:22 for the 5km event, 162nd place with an average of 5:53 km/min. I’m dreaming! That’s a new personal best for me. Absolutely amazing! You’d better believe I’m displaying that finisher’s medal.

And you’d better believe I was crying out Hallelujah to the Lamb, by the blood of Christ we stand, when it was sung at church later that morning. It was as if I found a new wellspring of God-adoration from within, and I can sing the familiar lyrics with a deeper certainty now than before.

So here’s the story. I’ve been stoked the whole week with mixed emotions, rattling the whole house with reminders. The day before Condura I was all nerves. Prepared a breakfast baon basket, filled three jugs with water, packed enough clothes for a 3-day vacation, put coffee and water in coffeemaker, and slept at 8:20pm.

Got up at 2:30am and arrived at Bonifacio High Street at 4:15am, plenty of time before the 5am assembly for my event. Mega kodakan with my mom, who was driver, cheerer, photographer, and sharer of joy that day.

By the time the 5k runners were called, I had peed three times, stretched more than I’ve ever had before any run, double-laced my shoes, and made a new playlist.

When the big digital clock above ticked 6am, fabulous fireworks signaled the start and we were off.

The energy sizzled! There was this almost palpable sense of positive vibes and excitement all over. I thrived on it. This was one reason I love the sport: the community, the collective thrill.

Not to mention the feel of nature in my face. Got plenty and it made me smile. It was a new route, new landscape, and a beautiful pinkening of the horizon. Breathtaking! The break of dawn is always a morale booster. I don’t need a powersong with a masterpiece like that before me.

My right hamstring burned, my ADHD mind wandered every which way, I doubted myself uphill, but I tried (when I could!) to focus (no easy feat). I wanted it to be a through-the-fire-to-the-limit-to-the-wire no regrets run, knowing whatever the outcome I did my darndest. And I beat myself!

If finishing a 5k is already this awesome, I wonder how finishing a marathon will feel like. Can’t wait!

Condura was really a race for runners by runners. It wasn’t as flashy as Century; I’m glad it was my first race.

  1. Well-organized: turns were clearly marked, finish line was delineated per category
  2. Everything started on time
  3. Lots of free drinks
  4. Fireworks were awesome