Last Sunday’s bread finds at Market! Market! are almost gone by now, but I was able to take a picture shortly after having refrigerated them.

Because I don’t go to weekend markets at Salcedo and Legaspi (too far! too early!), bread finds like these get me all excited.

Nordic bread (P160, I think) at a vegetable stall around the outdoor food court of Market! Market!, homemade by a Swiss national and generally of the too-healthy-to-be-appealing kind, according to the Pinay vendor who knows nothing else about the breads, whose suki are mostly expats. The Nordic bread is thick as a brick and can seriously injure. It’s slightly sour, very dense, fully satisfying, and goes so well with blueberry jam and cottage cheese.

The sourdough bread (P160, I think) they offer is just as thick and intimidating. She says it’s even more unappealing, which makes me want to try it. The Granary bread (P150, I think) looked more familiar, like multigrain loaf, and is the bestseller. Had to google it, but will try it, too.

Bread finds

Bread finds at Market! Market!

The Uncle George whole wheat multigrain loaf (P75) is from another Market! Market! stall, the one that sells Rizal Dairy Farms products. I really wanted to try the non-fat yogurt and Greek yogurt, both unavailable in groceries, and the Ricotta cheese (which is expensive anywhere else), but since we were still going to dinner that night it might all spoil in transit. Next time, though.

Anyway, the multigrain loaf is sort of a once-in-a-blue-moon sighting, as they usually sell these at the weekend markets but happened to have some available. It’s also good, but nothing worth coming back for. Tastes mostly like any other grocery variety, if you ask me.

Now my favorite whole wheat bread is still the one made by our local bakeshop, Baker’s Fair. (Can you believe they have a website?!)

I love Baker’s Fair! Their loaf is made from 100% whole wheat and tastes great: grainy and soft. I love that I can get it absolutely fresh, baked just that day. The half loaf is P42, gone in a couple of days, still fresh by the time I have to replenish.

The hopia (round or diced, as long as it’s my favorite mongo) is great, too! Soft and warm, gooey inside, flaky outside.

Too bad they stopped stocking the multigrain loaf. But I spied a sugar-free white loaf the other day. Wow! Can you believe our little community is a market for these kinds of products?

They have a gazillion other breads and cakes to appease the regular bread-as-snack buyer, but none as remarkable.