Ares of Westford by Robin Hardy

Ares of Westford by Robin Hardy

Title: Ares of Westford
Book two in The Latter Annals of Lystra

Author: Robin Hardy
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I doubt if anyone knows about this author, much less this book. M had to order it special in the US.

Robin Hardy has written so many novels, with perhaps ideas for a lot more. Her books brim with a variety of characters and so much twists and subplots that could make up another novel, or series.

It makes each read interesting, sure. But it’s also proof she needs merciless editing to focus and trim her abundant ideas. A sharp, insightful editor will reign her in and give her direction.

I like Robin’s writing style, and I’m easily comfortable with her voice, right from chapter 1.

I think her best works are The Streiker saga and The Annals of Lystra. I have copies of these (and Padre) from when they were still published by NavPress, given to me as gifts. I gobbled them up in high school and have been re-reading them until today. A lot more came after, but can’t compare. (But that doesn’t mean I won’t read them all!)