On a whim, went with Nanay to UP this morning for Run for Earth. Free registration and free shirt for finishers (4 rounds of the acad oval, a total of 8.8km). Perfect practice for the upcoming Globe Run for Home. So proud of Nanay! Her first long run, 60 years old, didn’t plan, didn’t train, and she was a finisher!

I finished before her and ran counterflow to look for her. Spotted her on the verge of giving up. Handed her the free Gatorade I managed to get; after several gulps and a lot of pep squadding, we walked/ran the last kilometer together! Awesome moment. I’ll never forget it. Best of all, I’ve never seen my mom so pumped up and energized.

I treated her to Pancake House for breakfast. I’d been craving a Pancake House breakfast since the Condura run. I always had this fantasy about biting into soft, fluffy pancakes or crunchy golden waffles, with eggs, coffee…

Unfortunately, I should’ve just saved my P600 (for just two women! how did that happen?!) and made it at home. I was so far from satiated that I had to wolf down Pan de Manila’s banana loaf afterwards, which finally hit the spot.

Please don’t order the wheat waffle. There’s no wheat or hint of fiber in that skinny, wimpy, white-as-refined-sugar thing, let me assure you.

Exorbitant prices, sad food.

I wish I could go instead to the IHOP Sean Penn’s character loved so much in the movie I Am Sam. I bet their food makes you smile as big as he does when he has breakfast there with his daughter Lucy.

I’m now (almost) convinced the breakfast after my own heart exists only in the movies, or in my own kitchen.