I’m noting this day because I just know it’ll precede a disaster. Tomorrow is the Globe Run for Home and I’m completely unprepared for it. I’m still not comfortable with running the 10k at my own pace, what more in a race? Thursday I tried to do a 10k but had to cut it short because my body was screaming by the 9th km. Also the first in a long time where I had to stop and walk during the run.

On top of that I’ve got a plate full of stuff for work and church, all with deadlines for this weekend, plus a late night tonight. Which also means no time to cook, and that’s less the joy.

And I can’t understand my body–it’s craving everything within sight. This week I’ve binged so many nights and gone to sleep so gluttoned up and dizzy.

So Globe Run for Home, I know I registered for you way in advance, but I’m just not ready for you. All I can do is show up, prepare myself the best I can with what I’ve got, and ask the Creator of this body to bring me to the finish line.