Lunch! Roti, Stir-fry mushroom/veggies, Ginataang gulay, Rice

Lunch two Saturdays ago. Mushroom/veggie stir-fry were leftovers, but too good to pass up. The ginataang gulay was… well, let’s say a learning experience. Definitely learned a lot of stuff I shouldn’t do next time!


The roti was the main event. I’ve been dreaming of making my own roti, and YouTube and the Indian Mama in her Indian kitchen made it look so easy.

And it kinda was, up to the point where you have to make it into the perfectly round flat disc. That’s when things got awry. Must be because I didn’t have a rolling pin? Had to flatten it with my palms.

I’ll definitely do this again! We finished off the whole batch, dipping it in the ginataang gulay. Although it might have been more because the late lunch was at hunger-to-the-nth-level 2pm, and not really the food.

Coffee shake with banana

For dessert: instant cappuccino shake, which means: stick-it-in-the-freezer-and-shake-violently-every-hour. Top with banana slices. Very refreshing. I’m thinking a blender might actually be a good investment at some point.