Saturday brunch was on my mind the whole week. Got the best (and easiest) crepe recipe I could find and whipped it up. Also my first time to make and use buttermilk.

Fed everyone way past breakfast (my excuse: this is brunch). Complete wipe out. Not sure if it was that good or they were that famished.

So there goes my secret to cooking success: feed everyone at the peak of hunger-cum-hypoglycemia, past the point of no-return, to ensure fast, zero-crumbs consumption, and guarantee a satisfied chef.

Savory crepes: steamed the broccoli and mushroom, folded them in the crepes with the cheese. Tastes great all melted together! Paired these with chilled papaya slices and frozen strawberries with yogurt.

Spinach mushroom cheese crepes

Broccoli mushroom cheese crepes

Sweet crepes: with Smucker’s blueberry preserves and Good Shepherd’s guava jam, orange-lemon marmalade. You can tell by the number of rolls that I’m partial to the blueberry, but the guava comes a close second. Perfect with coffee!

Crepe Jam Rolls

Crepe Jam Rolls