Has good fortune ever smiled on you and given you an MRT seat in the midst of rush hour, only to see a pregnant woman standing nearby? Did you do offer your seat or go fake-sleeping?

Humiliating, but I’ve done the shameful fake-sleeping routine. Effortlessly, I nod off the moment any public (or private) transportation rocks into motion, but when I command sleep to save my butt at times like these, I just can’t. I was so guilty throughout that ride; by the time I was practically haunted by my callousness, it was already too awkward to suddenly “notice” the pregnant lady and give up my seat. The experience burdened me the entire day.

I hope the same guilt gnawed at that lady on the MRT this morning who sat right in front of a pregnant lady with bulky paper bags, and proceeded to fake-sleep. I asked her with a (what I hoped was a self-effacing) smile if she could offer her seat for Mrs. Preggy, but she fake-slept right through that, too. Until the grandma beside her stood up and offered a seat. A grandma. And she fake-slept on.

I’d like to think I’m too intelligent to stoop gutter-level and resort to name-calling, but really ang kapal ng mukha niya, at ng make-up niya.