Privileged to have a voice, happy to be part of nation-building. We went to the precinct at 10:30am but the long lines and terrible heat drove us to a belated Mother’s Day celebration at Eastwood.

Side note: Lunch at Momo–the salmon with risotto was good, but the menu’s claim of big, to-share portions is a total bust. Cakes looked good (jackfruit sansrival?!) but we tried Cravings for a change of scenery. Coffee was medium roast, good body, but not my preference.

Back to voting. We returned at 4:30pm and it was cooler, with less people and a relaxed atmosphere. The system was smooth by now and we were shepherded along by dozens of able volunteers.

Picked out my shirt especially for this moment. I also chose the company of Alice Munro (through her collection of short stories, Runaway) and gassed up on water.


I didn’t realize I would have such a strange reaction to the PCOS machine. I beheld it with a mix of anticipation, awe, and anxiety. I fed it my ballot, eyes glued to the screen, reading every word–I didn’t even attempt to act cool.

One tense second, then the PCOS machine congratulates me. Despite myself, I shout “Yey!” and high-five the COMELEC staff beside me. Finished by 6:30pm, a totally happy voter.