John Mayer, Where the Light IsI haven’t cooked in months. Or run, or finished a book, or listened to really good music. When I played John Mayer’s Where The Light Is album and hooked it up with solid Altec Lansing bass, it was pure bliss of a forgotten kind.

Which is not to say I don’t want to cook, or run, or finish a book, or listen to really good music. In fact, right now, I’m staring at a pile of books waiting to be blog bashed or beatified. I’ve been wanting to see how they stand up to your scrutiny; I just haven’t had the time (or fortitude) to plug away here.

But now I do! So stay tuned this week.

P.S. I cooked freshly picked oyster mushrooms and eggplants in oyster sauce and sesame oil, stuffed them in some French Baker whole wheat, and it was as awesome as any fare you’ll feed a growling stomach.

By the time the camera clicked for blogging posterity, it had disappeared.