Nike Vomero 5When I was given the gift of any running shoe of my choice, I almost went wild at the shoe store. I settled on the Nike Vomero 5 because the gait analysis showed I needed neutral/cushion shoes due to slight underpronation.

My first run wasn’t pleasant at all–the shoes felt like I was dragging a hollow block on each foot, and after a while I felt pain on my shins. But I chalked it up as part of the break-in period, and continued for about 2-3 weeks.

By the end of the third week I couldn’t take it anymore. My shins were screaming after about 500m and there was no choice but to stop. I was already dreading running and welcoming rainy interruptions. Imagine!

I hate to admit that I chose wrong, especially since the Nike Vomero 5 was highly recommended, and it was a treasured gift. It’s probably a good shoe–just not a good shoe for me.

So I’m back to my old battered Nikes, which have been rugbied twice and sewn once, but have served me well since I started running. I’ve gotten rid of the pain in my shins, but I can’t shake off the dread of hitting the road.

Plus, I lost my iPod and my Nike+ sensor and receiver. Am I paranoid or is this a conspiracy?