Hobbes and Landes Bonifacio High Street is one of my family’s favorite hangouts. It’s a hop and a skip away from Market! Market!, where we get our fix of turo-turo dinner and other favorites:

  • Rizal Dairy Farms’ non-fat plain yogurt (yes, they have Greek yogurt, too)
  • Some unnamed stall’s home-baked assortment of sourdough and multigrain loaves and hard-to-find arugula leaves
  • Good Laswa (bulanglang, or vegetable soup, for the Manila folks) from what’s-the-name foodstall
  • And so many colorful irresistible kakanin by the slice to negate all the healthy food I just mentioned

But what we really love about Hobbes and Landes is their pet-friendly culture. They welcome our tiny shi tzu pack leader Kimi whenever we go for a frozen yogurt treat.

So you’ll probably see my family on July 25, mingling with other families fawning equally over-much on their pets.

Just look for a shi tzu with four adults on a leash.

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