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I know, I know. This won’t make The Buzz or Pep.ph, and Kris and Boy would yawn at this kind of gossip. At any rate, it isn’t gossip, because it’s right here:

Pamuk: It’s no secret, Kiran is my girlfriend – India – The Times of India

I’m only interested because Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk (57) and Indian writer Kiran Desai (38) are both award-winning authors, with books I know.

I bought Pamuk’s Snow while in Singapore; he had just won the Nobel prize and that clinched my rare full-price-brand-new bookstore purchase. This is perhaps the reason I tried to plod through Snow. I finally gave up. My copy is now sitting in the back shelf waiting for a new owner to take more kindly to it.

Meanwhile, I’ve been interested in Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss (2006 Man Booker Prize) for some years now, when it was still new and all over the displays. Now I only remember it vaguely, something I noted on an arbitrary list I’ve tucked away and forgotten.

Until, of course, I stumbled on this article. I was amused because I never thought authors had the time to make statements about who was dating whom, or if they even had the time to date, period. I thought they were always holed up in their solitude, typing away.

And it seems unfair that two people talented in the same way would pair up and produce superior progeny in their area of expertise. Doesn’t seem like a level playing field for the rest of the kids.