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Miss Match
Erynn Mangum
Published by Navpress

Lauren sets her matchmaking skills to work on just about everyone she knows, getting her into funny, borderline disastrous situations. She learns that even her best intentions are no match for matches made in heaven (including her own!).

A fast read, the first book in the Lauren Holbrook series is conversational at its best, rambling at its worst; sometimes witty and charming, sometimes dragging. Like the coffee-worship–it was cute at first, but after a while it just got tired.

Miss Match was a fun read, but didn’t get me completely hooked. If secular chick lit’s titillating scenes make you uncomfortable, here the overdose of religious symbols will (e.g. Bible study scenes, Scripture passages quotes). Too obvious and too set-up, they jarred me whenever I started to get absorbed in the story.

At the end, the insights-and-lessons-learned conclusion stuck out like they were planted there for a meaningful, punchy ending (which is a sure way to fail at giving a meaningful, punchy ending).

I would recommend it to pre-teens looking for an alternative to the typical young adult fiction. It may have more value in terms of biblical values and spiritual reminders, but not much more in novel reading quality.

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