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The Noticer

The Noticer
Andy Andrews
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An old man named Jones has got perfect timing: he always shows up just when folks need what he calls “a little perspective.”

The Noticer is an inspirational novel, full of Jones’ ┬áserendipitous encounters with different people at different crossroads in life.

A pleasant read, with characters that are easy to relate to, and a question that keeps you hooked: who exactly is this mysterious  Jones?

Although interesting, I found it to be a little preachy. The-point-of-the-story type of morals and values were sprinkled liberally in the dialog, and some scenes felt like they were set up for Jones to teach a punchline lesson.

I’d recommend it to those who are not too keen on reading fiction, but prefer to pick up motivational nuggets and pointers as they read. This is a good crossover book that balances fiction and learning; a light read, but weighty enough to have impact.

Thanks to the folks at Thomas Nelson for the complimentary copy! My pleasure to review it.