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Book review

Double Shot (A Maya Davis Novel)
by Erynn Mangum

Book three in the series featuring Maya Davis clinches the love story with a match-made-in-heaven engagement. You’d think Maya has reached the finish line by hooking the perfect guy, but then we wouldn’t have a third book, right?

Wedding preparations spiral out of control and decisions for the future leave the couple in doubt. Double Shot is a roller-coaster ride of haywire emotions, relationship tangles, and faith builders.

The novel features a generic young adult fiction world, peopled by the usual suspects: a coffee-addicted heroine, a dreamy hero, a cast of crazy-lovable friends and family.

Acquainted with Erynn Mangum’s Lauren Holbrook series, I was constantly trying to figure out the difference between main characters Lauren and Maya. There seems to be none, except physical description and occupation. The rest of the characters (and plot twists) feel birthed from the same formula.

In place of the usual heavy lacing of sex and promiscuity in today’s chick lit, Double Shot serves a heaping spoonful of God conversations and church (and churchy) symbols. This may turn off half of the young adult reading population, but it provides a clean-fun alternative to the rest (and gives parents something less to worry about).

And while the Christianizing of chick lit can get a bit overboard for me, what I like about it is how it gives a fun read about love without having to cheapen love–the way other books do when they dredge out sacred details.

Interestingly, Double Shot, and other chick lit in similar mode, gives readers a window to the psyche of Christians in love, who, contrary to what the Sunday dress would have the world believe, mess up big time, as well.

Thanks to NavPress for coming out with this book and sending me a copy to review.