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Instantly, I would say Lizzie (Pride and Prejudice) and Jo (Little Women) are my top picks for fictitious BFFs.

It may be because Keira Knightley and Winona Ryder did such fantastic jobs bringing them to life (and their counterparts Darcy and Laurie added “hot” to the book’s character descriptions). I haven’t even read Pride and Prejudice. I bought a copy and tried, but ended up skipping to the good parts and giving the book away.

The movie, though, was well made. Cinematically interesting and flavorful; and with well-developed characters, rich dialog, intricate subtexts from classic literature, how could you go wrong?

But Little Womennow this I’ve read this many times. My copy is old and tattered and much loved. It’s one of the books that most influenced me–it increased my love for literature as a child and inspired me to write (if only to myself in Little Women-toned diary entries).

The film adaptation did the book justice, but added nothing to it. I would still prefer to read the book to be with the characters and enter their world.