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Book review

Journey to Riverbend
Henry McLaughlin

I’m giving this mystery romance novel points for literariness.

Chapter 1 begins the novel like the first scene of a movie: right in the middle of the action, short, intriguing. The following chapters read like a montage, setting the stage, introducing characters, unfolding the plot.

Journey to Riverbend is a well thought out novel. Definitely one of the few within the Christian fiction genre that I enjoy for its literariness as much as its moral values.

I’m relieved to find characters that break away a bit from the category’s mold. I also appreciate the novel’s brevity and restraint, often lacking in usual love stories–perhaps a benefit of male authorship?

But it starts to lag midway; the author overdoes the romance with one too many sweet adjectives. He loses the intrigue built around the characters in the beginning.

At any rate, Henry McLaughlin won an award for this debut novel, and I can see why. I’m looking forward to more from this author.