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Here are easy ways to tweet like a smart, witty, well-read person (even if you aren’t) without faking it (and looking like you are). Simply pepper your regular what-I’m-eating-now and my-day-sucks updates with these. (But don’t overdo it, unless you just want to appear stuffy.)

  1. Surf for quotes about books or reading and line them up one or two tweets a week. And no, you don’t have to know the author.
  2. Pick a book from a current best sellers list (like the New York Times’ or a bookstore’s). Google the first few sample pages, skim a sentence or two, and tweet: Currently reading (insert title) by (insert author). (provide link)
  3. Look up a recent award-winning (or shortlisted) book (try the Man Booker Prize). Foreign author, quaint title? That’s the one. Ask who’s read it and what they think.
  4. Bemoan the lack of good books out there and ask for recommendations.
  5. Mention a classic children’s book (recall dreaded book reports or something theymade into a movie) and remark that they don’t make them as good as that anymore for the next generation.

Important: Don’t misspell anything when tweeting any of the above–if you do, abandon efforts to sound smarter on Twitter. (You could try instead to sound cooler, or something like that.)