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The Convenient Groom
Denise Hunter
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What I feel about romantic comedy movies, I felt with The Convenient Groom: happy, light-hearted, and too warm and fuzzy inside to wonder why I let myself be carried away by escapist entertainment.

The Convenient Groom was interesting: a popular relationships expert gets ditched at the altar, and an unlikely (but dashing, of course!) man steps in to save her from public disgrace. Marriage of convenience, or something else?

I was glued to it (yes, I traded in Saturday morning couple bonding time to finish the last few chapters). I wasn’t expecting a poignant literary awakening, just a joyride with fun characters and intriguing twists. And just like favorite box office hits made alive by Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Meg Ryan, Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, and the like, this one didn’t disappoint.

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