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Finding Hollywood Nobody
Hollywood Nobody Series, Book 2
Lisa Samson
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This is one of those books you either dig or you bury.

It’s a happy, hippie teen read about fifteen-year-old Scotty and her grandmother Charley who are moving from one movie set to another in a trailer trying to live as much of a normal life as they can while evading a killer out to get them. A lot of it is written diary-style by Scotty, the conversational tone balancing out the grave plot twists.

Scotty is hardly the typical teen: she’s raised to think Charley is her mother, discovers the truth that her mother is dead, then finds she could still be alive–all while avoiding being killed by a politician’s henchman.

Other than that, she’s just like everyone else her age: quirky, a little weird, loves burgers and fries, and learning bit by bit how faith works in daily life.

Finding Hollywood Nobody will interest tweens: the book cover is an attractively fun and easygoing, it’s just the right length for short attention spans, but, typical of Navpress books, substantive enough with solid biblical insights.