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Let's Get Real: Bringing Authenticity and Wholeness to Your Marriage
Let’s Get Real: Bringing Authenticity and Wholeness to Your Marriage by Jena Forehand
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Introducing the book with the authors’ love story got me: their testimony is powerful, giving credibility to the rest of what they have to say. Married, divorced, then re-married to each other again? It sounded like a movie! I didn’t think stuff like that happened to real people.

The book gives solid tips on how to one-up your marriage, with workbook-style Q&As that you can answer right there and then.

It presents pretty common concepts in marriage building, but will still impact couples who are open to restoring or improving their marriage.

While it was interesting and seemed helpful, I just got tired plowing through it–and I love to read. How about those who don’t have time for it? Or those who just don’t like reading big chunks of text and answering questions that require big chunks of text?

I’d recommend it to young couples’ Sunday School teachers or cell group leaders. Lots of good material to wade through, but lots of potential for good discussion, too.

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