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Life Support
Life Support by Robert Whitlow
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A legal thriller, I instinctively put this book up against John Grisham, and no matter how repetitive Grisham’s novels have become, I can’t deny that he knows how to weave a masterful story. And Robert Whitlow, if you ask me, doesn’t.

In terms of storytelling, Life Support isn’t very gripping. The first chapter opens with the crime being committed. It felt a tad too hysterical, emotions and thoughts thrown in haphazardly, everything heightened to the point where you just can’t take it seriously anymore.

The main character, divorce lawyer Alexia, seems interesting enough, especially when I encountered her cat, who shares my name (which is funny, because I named my blog after my cat).

All in all, it’s a so-so novel: good for a quick entertaining read, but easily forgettable and not a series I’d be looking out for.

It’s not the kind that I just have to keep reading even when it’s past my bedtime, or that I miss when I’m outside with some downtime and forgot to bring it. (And yes, right now I’m reading a book that makes me feel that way, and I can’t believe it was written thirty years ago)

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