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Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years LaterSweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later by Francine Pascal
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Like every other Sweet Valley fan, I was looking forward to this book. It’s the kind that you can’t not read, despite many negative reviews. I really want to say something nice about it, but I can’t find anything.

Badly written: It’s trying to be edgy and adult, but it fails. Profanity and sexual references in inappropriate, incongruous moments just made it odd and laughable. Plus, inexcusable lapses in grammar and horrifying sentence construction.

Poorly developed storyline: It just kept dragging on and on and onnnn. Boring.

Terrible characterization: In an effort to put an edge to the sweet, innocent characters, the author flipped them into evil versions of themselves; but it doesn’t make sense to the reader because the 10-year-later characters are so disconnected from who they originally were. Might as well create new characters.

It’s not even about comparing this to the older Sweet Valley books and finding it sub par. It’s just really about the horrific fact that a book this bad was actually written and published, and people wasted money and time to read it.

Might have been better if they planned a series and unfolded the character changes bit by bit.

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