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Blue Skies Tomorrow: A Novel Blue Skies Tomorrow: A Novel by Sarah Sundin
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Of all the historical fiction I’ve read, none have been about World War II (or I, for that matter). I don’t know much about WWII, but a quick Google search tells me I’ve already commemorated it with a visit to the WWII memorial.

A bit more googling made me realize WWII has always been just beneath the surface of my memories because of the Bataan Death March. My tour of Corregidor was absolutely way more soul-searing than any memorial I’ve visited elsewhere.

And now I have another thing with which to anchor WWII: this new novel by Sarah Sundin, Blue Skies Tomorrow. It’s the first time I’ve encountered this author, and what a pleasure it was.

Blue Skies Tomorrow is an enjoyable read that unfolds like a movie. Not a fast-paced mind-numbing thriller, but a something more thoughtful; a period movie like The Aviator or Catch Me If You Canand yes, with Leo DiCaprio as the lead.

The language and imagery are steeped in the 1940s, and it flows effortlessly like that without jarring the reader with a stray line from the present.

For something to take me into another world without cracks that leak reality (and I don’t try hard to find the cracks, really, but they are just too obvious in some books), that, to me, takes skill, effort and time–the marks of a loving craftsman and a gifted editor.

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