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Desiring God DVD Study Guide: Finding Complete Satisfaction and Joy in God
Desiring God DVD Study Guide: Finding Complete Satisfaction and Joy in God by Desiring God
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There’s something about John Piper that makes me liken him to the Pied Piper–I just want to listen to him and follow where he leads. (This is why I love following him on Twitter.) Thankfully, he isn’t using a magic flute to lure rats and children away, but using an extraordinarily clear view of God’s Word to throw light on fundamental issues of faith for Christians.

In this 10-part DVD, John Piper is filmed teaching in a seminar about what he penned in his bestseller, Desiring God. He is a dynamic preacher, and he wastes little time scratching the surface of his topic. Listening to him requires full attention and a fully-functioning brain, since his thoughts always seem to be one step above mine–seem to be, because in truth his thoughts are far, far removed from mine, but his superb preaching skills have simplified it so that they are within grasp.

John Piper’s big ideas are often encased in big words and intimidating theological jargon, so if this DVD is used in group study you might lose a few people.

The DVD production also feels dated–John is using an overhead projector (he loves underlining words on the slides, so maybe that’s why) and the camera angles, set background feel like a throwback to the 80s. But other than that, what John Piper has to say is worth hearing and pondering.

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